Vallay Brass Du Noard!

Sorry I don’t have a more click-baity title, I just assume my friends aren’t all idiots.


There’s a non-zero probability that at some point in the last week or two you’ve thought to yourself, “that sumbitch DietBlue hasn’t updated his vblog with his annual Québec mountain bike road trip video.” I appreciate the thought, but let me allay any fears you might have that I got mad and deleted all the footage: The Vallée Bras Du Nord road trip 2017 edit is finally here!

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Slow Motion Dogs Jumping

It’s not like we were planning to use this technology for something useful.

Let me set the scene for you: It was the Monday of a long weekend. A camera is set up in the back yard and our shirtless hero gets his doggers to jump a few times. Import the video into [software name deleted] and use the [plugin name deleted] to slow the motion to a crawl. Export!


By the way you’re welcome for reminding you of how awesome that song is.

A pound of fat vs. a pound of muscle: the internet is wrong.

Sometimes even a dumb picture on the internet can send me on a tirade that isn’t worth the time or energy. Read on!

We’ve all heard it: muscle is more dense than fat. I’m not here to argue that point, I’m here to point out that the internet is wrong. I know, shocker.

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