Sucks to Suck (or) What’s the Point of Hobbies?

It’s a part of our go-go-go culture to define ourselves be what we do for a living. Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing a bit of soul-searching and have decided that my job pays the bills, but I would rather define myself by what I do during my evenings and weekends. My two current ambitions are piano and mountain biking, both of which have actually been part of my life for a number of years.

Recently I’ve passed my Grade 4 Piano exam through the Royal Conservatory of Music. This is a great landmark for my career as a pianist, but it’s brought another question to the forefront: what’s going on with my mountain biking?

Being mediocre in Sedona, Arizona (and being okay with it). Self-shot.

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A pound of fat vs. a pound of muscle: the internet is wrong.

Sometimes even a dumb picture on the internet can send me on a tirade that isn’t worth the time or energy. Read on!

We’ve all heard it: muscle is more dense than fat. I’m not here to argue that point, I’m here to point out that the internet is wrong. I know, shocker.

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Make your own custom Android icons!?

A short guide on making your phone a little bit more “you.”

One of the things I enjoy about most things I own is customizing them and making them my own. So when I suddenly had the thought recently that there must be a way to customize every single icon on my desktop, I got pretty excited. Turns out the whole process isn’t that difficult and the results is pretty great. Continue reading “Make your own custom Android icons!?”