MTB Hardwood Hills – Rookie Edit

Loaded up the Jetta with two dudes, two bikes and headed for Barrie, Ontario. Got some A&W on the way, then we hopped on our bikes and made a day of it.

Things I learned:

  1. Keep dangling stuff out of the way of the camera. Since this video I’ve found a way to tuck a sternum strap-end and my Camelbak mouthpiece out of the way.
  2. Shoot more static footage. Set camera on tripod and rip past it. All POV gets a bit dull and seems slower than a #drive-by.
  3. My computer is due for an upgrade. I’ll be able to process more anti-shake and sync the audio and video better if it doesn’t take five minutes to do every little thing.
  4. Strap down the chest-mount camera REALLY tight. Minimize vibration.
  5. Waterproof case = no real audio, just lots of creaking. It’s all good – my skeleton case (which includes an air-hole for the mic) is on it’s way!

I expect things to improve in the future; I’m hoping to use a combination of the action camera and my regular video camera to beef up the quality. For now, this ain’t bad!


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